[EVENTS] Evernote Enthusiasts and Tech Bloggers Meetup in Bangalore, India
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Posted by Anand Kahaly in Events and Webinars on November 18, 2013  |  0 Comments
evernote-logoBangalore, 15th Nov, 2013: Evernote India organised an Evernote tech bloggers meetup which was presided over by none other than Troy Malone, Evernote General Manager Asia Pacific. He was on a tour of Asia which included South Korea and Singapore as well. The event was held at the Club Lounge, Chancery Pavillion, Bangalore on the 15th of Nov, 2013. The meetup drew a crowd which included tech bloggers, Evernote fans and enthusiasts, travel bloggers, social media mavens etc. For those who are new to Evernote, its an app available across mobile devices and desktop PCs which helps you remember everything such as appointments, to-do lists, web pages, tweets, bills, payslips etc. You can even take notes on your iPad using the Evernote Penultimate app. You can even snap photos of your physical notes and store them in Evernote account. You can also snap a picture of your business cards and Evernote will fill the respective fields in your contact list. It can literally store anything you can think of and in any way you can think of. The use cases of Evernote are only bounded by your imagination.
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[EVENTS] First Ever TechCrunch Hackathon Event in Bangalore, India - Day 1
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Posted by Anand Kahaly in Events and Webinars on November 14, 2013  |  0 Comments

techcrunch-hackathon-bangalore-2013-logoBangalore, 14th Nov, 2013: The long wait for TechCrunch Hackathon Bangalore 2013 is finally over. The Indian startup ecosystem has shown some promise in the recent past. First half of 2013 saw over $400 million pumped across 141 deals. The largest single deal closure being that of RedBus worth $150 million. There could not have been a better time for TechCrunch to launch their first ever Hackathon event in India. TechCrunch hosted the event in collaboration with Platform Play in the tech hub of India. TechCrunch Bangalore will focus on ideas and people who can build companies that has the potential to go global. From over 750 entries, 400 hackers were shortlisted out of which 350 turned up for the event. These hackers are working in groups to create their product in 24 hours i.e. by 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. Technodope brings you the firsthand account of day 1 (Nov 14th, 2013) of the event held at Vivanta by Taj located in Yeshwantpur, Bangalore.

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How to Download Android APK Files from Google Play
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Posted by Anand Kahaly in Android on November 07, 2013  |  0 Comments

android-logoGoogle Android apps or games are packaged in .apk files. You can copy these .apk files from a PC to your phone and then touch it to install them on your Android phone. You can download these .apk packages directly on your PC using the APK Downloader web based tool. The APK Downloader is created by Evozi. To prevent piracy, you cannot download paids apps through the web based APK Downloader tool. To download paid apps, you will need a Chrome extension. Evozi first fetches the APK package from Google Play and stores it on their server. You can then download it from Evozi server. The APK Downloader tool would download the .apk files from Google server only. So, you don't to worry about the source of the .apk files. You can do a MD5 file check if you have any doubt. Currently, Evozi is able to generate 1400 new APK files per day. This qouta normally runs out quickly. When the quota runs out, you will need the Chrome extension to download the APK files. We will talk about the Chrome extension in detail later in this tutorial. The APK files are cached on the server for 14 days. If you find an outdated version of the APK file, you can send them a mail to update the version of the app/game or use the Chrome extension. Now the question is why would you need to download .apk files when you can directly go to Google Play and install them?

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[REVIEWS] Contactive - The Universal Caller ID
Tech Reviews - Mobile Apps
Posted by Anand Kahaly in Mobile Apps on August 17, 2013  |  0 Comments

contactive_logoContactive - Are you tired of answering calls from unknown numbers? If you are looking for a way to track down these calls and find out whose at the other end, then Contactive is your best bet. The jargon "Contactive" comes from the cold war era spy vernacular. The intelligence agencies used the term for foreign spies whose multiple identities had been discovered and compiled into a single file. Contactive is a free mobile app which does exactly the same. Contactive collects information from your social networks, Contactive's global directory and publicly available sources, to show who's calling before you answer the call. It works for unknown numbers as well which are not even saved in your phone book. Contactive was founded by Pixable's co-founder and CEO, Inaki Berenguer.

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HP Powers Oriental DreamWorks
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Posted by Anand Kahaly in News on July 01, 2013  |  0 Comments

hp_logoINDIA, June 25, 2013 — HP today announced it has been selected as the official technology partner to Oriental DreamWorks, the joint venture between the China consortium led by China Media Capital (CMC) and Hollywood’s DreamWorks Animation. Oriental DreamWorks will provide unique and creative content by becoming a China-based family brand that regularly creates entertainment in China—for China, and for export to the rest of the world. The company will be based in Shanghai.                           

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What can a Facebook Like do for you?
Social Media - Facebook
Posted by Anand Kahaly in Facebook on March 14, 2013  |  0 Comments

facebook-like-buttonYou may think social media use for business is just another platform to advertise. It isn't. At least not in the way we traditionally think of advertising. There was a time a business owner only had a choice between radio, TV, or print advertising. Those days are gone and companies now have the ability to truly connect with their customers in four easy steps.

Through social media, consumers have an avenue to voice complaints as well as to share praise. They become engaged with you. Your FaceBook "Fan" page is the means to emotionally connect business to consumer; positioning you as the trusted expert in whatever your industry or field is. With over 150 million visitors using FaceBook per month there is no other medium with which you can do this so rapidly and effectively.

It's not about friends, the new "F"-word is "Fan”. A business whose "Fan" page makes offer after offer instead of interacting and engaging will find they have little to no consumer interaction and will experience a hard time gaining "Likes".

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[REVIEWS] What's the New iPhone 5 Like
Tech Reviews - Tablets and Phones
Posted by Anand Kahaly in Tablets and Phones on November 01, 2012  |  0 Comments

iphone5_1The iPhone 5 has subtle differences in the look and feel that first of all will change your user experience. The screen is larger, enabling you to watch videos in the size they are supposed to be watched. The phone is thinner and lighter. There is a new connector which has been much complained about due to the fact that you won't be able to use any of your existing iPhone accessories with it, and you may have seen the adverts about the new shape of the headphones. One important improvement in iPhone 5 is its processor. Its much more faster than its predecessors such as the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. iPhone 4 had an A4 which was a single core 800 MHz processor and iPhone 4S had an A5 which was a dual core 800 MHz processor. The iPhone 5 has A6 which is a dual core 1.3 GHz processor. So, you will see considerable speed improvement in iPhone 5.        

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[REVIEWS] Casino Game’s House Edge on iPhone
Tech Reviews - Mobile Games
Posted by Anand Kahaly in Mobile Games on October 03, 2012  |  0 Comments

lucky-nugget-logoIf you chose the iPhone over other smartphones, you have probably made the right choice. The latest patent wars, fought between the Android based Samsung smartphones and Apple, have clearly come down in favour of iPhone, and it seems that Samsung has copied many of its features. One more reason behind choosing iPhone over other smartphones is its quality app store. The iPhone has become the hub of mobile online casino gaming.                        

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